“NICOS NEOPHYTOU & CO.” was established in 1994 by its General Manager, the Lawyer Mr. Nicos Neophytou. On 2006 the partnership changed the name to “NICOS NEOPHYTOU LAW PARTNERS”.

The firm has grown steadily and despite the firm is small in terms of number of lawyers recruited, it is considered as highly reputable in terms of skill and experience as well as for its professionalism in treading clients, it’s practicality in approaching legal issues and for the comprehensive services it offers for modern businesses and individuals.

Furthermore, the Firm offers legal services for modern business such as Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Business Law, Property Law, Trusts and Taxation, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Financial Law, Construction and Engineering, Contract Law, Immigration Law, Agency arrangement, Shipping maritime Law and International Financial Transaction, Investments, Securities.

Our Firm cooperates extensively with foreign law firms in Kiev, Moscow, Athens and all over the world. Fully staffed by local lawyers who advise a wide range of clients in all of the above aspects.

Through our extensive network of corresponding and associations around the world we are able to offer our legal advice in every part of the world when is necessary. Through our knowledge, dynamism and confidence we are ready to meet and service the needs of our client.

The firm employs a number of secretarial staff and associates with a number of auditors, accountants, agents who provide the necessary back-up support to the firm’s Lawyers, dealing separately with bookkeeping and accounting, banking, and corporate matters etc.