• Cyprus IBE Companies Cyprus IBE Companies

    The term Cyprus International Business Entities (IBEs) refer to entities (whether incorporated or not) established in Cyprus, belonging to foreign individuals or entities. From the legal point of view, the international business entity does not differ in any way from an entity of the same legal form registered in Cyprus and owned by local residents.

  • CY International Trusts CY International Trusts

    A trust is a legally binding arrangement whereby a person (the Settlor) transfers assets to another person (the Trustee) who takes legal title to the trust assets.

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  • Other Jurisdictions Other Jurisdictions

    Our office provides you some more Companies from other jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands (BVI), Belize, Seychelles, Panama, Delaware, UK, Greece, Hong Kong and from any other country of the world.

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Cyprus Introduction

Cyprus is a well respected, international business and financial center that provides significant benefits to International Entities and many unique opportunities for investors.


Through careful tax planning a foreign entity engaged in international business may take advantage of both Cyprus’ extensive network of double tax treaties and the favorable tax regime afforded in Cyprus to IBEs and may desire any of the tax benefits.

Cyprus IBE Companies

Cyprus’ role in the development and conduct of international business can be traced back to ancient times to the eras of the Greeks, Phoenicians, Egyptians and the Romans.
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“NICOS NEOPHYTOU & CO.” was established in 1994 by its General Manager and Main Partner Mr. Nicos Neophytou. On 2006 the partnership changed the name to “NICOS NEOPHYTOU LAW PARTNERS”. The firm has grown steadily and despite the firm is small in terms of number of lawyers recruited, it is considered as highly reputable in terms of skill and experience as well as for its professionalism in treading clients, it’s practicality in approaching legal issues and for the comprehensive services it offers for modern businesses and individuals. more


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Nicos Neophytou Law partners is one of the best partners to work with in Cyprus. We started co-operating with them in 2009 and we have to admit that the company Nicos Neophytou Law Partners is one of the most trusted, reputable company in the sector of services. “Vassilis Koulianos, Business Development & Operations Director, Digidemon Services Ltd.”

Vassilis Koulianos, Business Development & Operations Director, Digidemon Services Ltd